Chishimba Falls

Well, I call this one my boyfriend’s waterfall, as Chishimba Falls is located in Kasama where he is from. Imagine having this beauty on your doorstep! Northern Province and neighbouring Luapula Province are home to many breathtaking waterfalls that I just cannot wait to visit.

Chishimba Falls is located about 30km outside of Kasama. Fed by the Luombe River, the Chishimba Falls is not just one waterfall but three. Talk about getting your moneys worth of nature. The three falls are called Mutumuna Falls, Kaela Rapids and the big gun Chishimba.  

Mutumuna Falls

Kaela Rapids

Chishimba Falls

The Bemba people, the tribe that dominates this part of Zambia believe in the sacred powers of the Chishimba Falls. The spirits of Chishimba live in the cave beneath the falls and is place of prayer and worship. There is a believe that no bad words, or words of hatred should be uttered in the area. If you want to connect with the spirits, you can also take a very wet talk behind the falls into the cave (maybe best attempted in dry season!).

There are a number of trails you can take that lead you to the main falls, the Kaela Rapids and the Mutumena Falls. The main Chishimba Falls is 20m high with three view points where you can take in the roars of the water and have a nice fresh waterfall style shower. Small huts are perched around the falls, to provide you with some shade and an excellent place to sit down and enjoy a picnic or some drinks.

Unlike the popular Zambian tourist sites, such as Victoria Falls, the Chishimba Falls is in a quieter area, less populated by tourists, meaning you are sure to find peace and quiet and some fantastic views. Entry into the falls is around 10 kwacha (US$0.44) for citizens/residents and 20 kwacha (US$0.88) for foreigners.

A trip to Chishimba might not be on a list of a foreigners traditional trip to Zambia, but it’s time to get off the beaten track and explore what the beautiful Northern Province has to offer. So why not take a step away from the generic sights of Victoria Falls and discover Zambia’s northern waterfalls.

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