Penguins @ Boulders Beach

This is one not to miss, particularly if you are an animal lover! Below is some info about two great spots to go searching for penguins.

Boulders Beach

First up is Boulders Beach. Located around a 50 minute drive from the centre of Cape Town on the east coast of the Cape Peninsula this beach is you guessed it…full of boulders. At this location there are two options for penguin spotting. Boulders Beach is free. Just open a little gate and take a short walk and you will find spectacular views (see photos below).

Unfortunately, there were no penguins at the beach. When walking down we did see this little guy below, but not in the most photogenic environment. And he seemed to be a long way from his family, as there were no other penguins in sight despite scrambling up rocks to try and spot them! Research suggests that there are lots of penguins normally on this beach, so maybe the colder July weather drove them away, but still it was a very nice spot to take in the fresh sea breeze and views.

Boulders Penguin Colony Nature Reserve

If Boulders Beach doesn’t provide you with waddling friends, then you’ll have to head back through the car park to the nature reserve. You will be sure to enjoy the African penguins at the nature reserve, waddling, swimming, sleeping, and parading around they are sure to capture your attention.

Tickets need to be purchased to enter the nature reserve thats why I suggest checking out Boulders Beach first if you are on a tight budget. Entry for South Africans (with ID) is R40 (US$2.80). SADC residents can get a ticket for R80 (US$5.60) (with ID) and for foreigners the price was R160 (US$11.30).

Beautiful boardwalks wind down to the main beach, that was littered with penguins enjoying the days activities. I could have spent the whole day photographing these little creatures, but the whole trip to the nature reserve and Boulders Beach might last from an hour to an hour and a half. Check out some of my many penguin photos to get you excited for your visit!

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