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  1. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other websites are banned in China. So if your going you’ll have to use a VPN.

2. Fortune Cookies aren’t Chinese – To the rest of the world fortune cookies are associated with China but it is believed they were actually invented in San Francisco by a Japanese immigrant. I can add that I have never seen or been given a fortune cookie in China.

3. If you plan on living in or visiting China you will definitely have to get accustomed to using a ‘squat toilet’. Most public toilets and even many apartment toilets will be seatless, so get that squat training in before you travel!

4. At 300m the Bailong Elevator is believed to be the highest outdoor elevator in the world.

5. The Great Wall of China is 21 196 km in length!

6. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world.

7. Apparently more than 4,000 children are called Àoyùn 奥运 which translated as Olympic Games.

8. Along nearly every street you’ll see a baby wearing a kaidangku 开裆裤 or crotchless. It’s really strange to see tiny baby buts sticking out of these pants, from the front they look normal, then the kid turns around and you get an eye full. They use these instead of nappies.

9. Chewing your food very loudly though rude to many outside of China, is considered a sign of respect in China to show your satisfaction with the food. For me one cultural difference I could not get on board with!

10. China ended its famous 1 child policy in 2016. But due to population concerns, in May 2021 China passed a law stating that couples could now have 3 children.