Hong Kong

I have been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world now, and Hong Kong really is one of my favourite cities. Keep reading for some of my favourite things to do in this metropolis.

1. Tai O Fishing Village

After the hustle and bustle of the Hong Kong city centre, a day trip to Tai O Fishing Village is a great way to escape and discover a new aspect of life in Hong Kong.

Located with a mountainous backdrop the beautiful village has predominately stilted houses! To get to the Tai O Fishing Village you can either get the ferry from No.6 Central Pier to Mui Wo then from there you can take number 1 bus to the fishing village. Alternatively, you can also take the MTR (the railway) from Central to Tung Chung and then the number 11 bus.

Wander around the streets, take in the strong smells of dried fish, eat local street food, explore the markets and you can even take a HK$25 pink dolphin boat tour.

2. Lantau Island & Tian Tan Buddha

Lantau Island is such a good trip from the main city. To get to the island you should definitely take the Ngong Ping Cable Car from Tung Chung rail station. A round trip adult ticket in a standard cabin is HK$235 (US$30). It’s a great ride with beautiful mountainous and sea views.

When on Lantau Island you will find the Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha. This is the 34ft tall statue that lies at the top of the Po Lin Monastery. Climb the 260 steps to the buddha and you will experience amazing views of Hong Kong’s surrounding islands.  

3. Temple Street Night Market

Located in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, the Temple Street night markets are a great area to taste inexpensive local cuisines. Personally, I found it to be a bit of a tourist tat street, but I have put it on this list of things to do for the food tasting opportunities and the view from above. If you walk to the end of the street through the orange gate, you will see a multi-story car park. Head up to the second or third floor and you’ll be able to find a great view of this market street.

4. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is the highest point in Hong Kong at 1,811 feet tall. A trip to Hong Kong is not complete without a visit to Victoria Peak. It is a truly breathtaking view, of skyscrapers, mountains and water!

There are a few ways you can get to this vantage point.

a) Tram

Open 7am – 12am (Monday to Sunday)

Journey time: 7 minutes

Cost: HK$37 (US$4.80) one way / HK$52 (US$6.70)

Location: Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus

b) Hike

The paved circular trail can be completed in less than an hour.

c) Taxi

You can take a taxi up the mountain. You can expect to pay around HK$100 (US$13)

d) Bus

From the Exchange Square Central Bus Terminus you can take the No.15 bus , which departs every 7-15 minutes and takes around 45 minutes to get to Victoria Peak. The bus costs around HK$9.80 (US$1.20).

5. Goldfish Street (Tung Choi Street)

Located right in the centre of Mongkok. I wouldn’t usually promote the visiting of a street filled with fish in plastic bags, but this is so much more than just a goldfish at a fair that it just needs to be seen! It is a 300m long street filled with around 40 or 50 pet shops and stalls selling goldfish.

6. Street Art

In the Central area of Hong Kong located around the areas of Peel Street and Tung Street, let your legs wander and your eyes search the walls for beautiful pieces of street art.

7. Rainbow Estate @ Choi Hung Estate

Recognisable as a popular instagram spot, this estate has attracted much attention in recent years. A basketball court, colourful apartments and palm trees make for a great photoshoot location. A touch of editing may need to be done on those photos however as the rainbow colours are slightly faded. Once arriving at Choi Hung Station you can take the C3 or C4 exit and you will find the basketball court and colourful houses.

My biggest tip would be visit very early in the morning, because this place quickly becomes covered in instagram couples and posing girls, which makes getting clean people free shots a little difficult. Also if you get there early residents are often playing basketball or doing morning exercise which is a nice addition.

8. Quarry Bay ‘Monster Building’

The ‘Monster Building’ beautifully represents the concrete jungle reputation that Hong Kong boasts. Also, another popular Instagram and modelling spot the Monster Building is a condensed and domineering collection of 5 E-shaped apartment blocks. To get there hop on the subway to Quarry Bay and take exit A and then walk towards Tai Koo on King’s Road.

9. Yuen Po Street Bird Market

A little like goldfish street I was conflicted about going to a bird market, as its not my preference to look at birds in cages, however this is a traditional part of Chinese culture so I wanted to see. The bird street market is located between Mongkok and Prince Edward. You can also pass through the flower market which is also a nice place to visit!

10. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Located at 2 Chuk Yuen Village the Wong Tai Sin Temple is a place for answering your wishes and prayers. It is a beautiful lantern especially with the yellow and red lanterns hanging from threads like a colourful ceiling! To get there you can take the green line metro to Wong Tai Sin.

11. Chi Lin Nunnery

This place is a perfect juxtaposition of Buddhist tranquility and big city skyscrapers. You can take quite some time to wander around these impressive grounds, discover the impressive gold temple, and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of city life.

To get there take the metro to Diamond Hill Station and then take exit C2 and then turn right after riding the escalator. Then walk for 5 minutes down Fun Tak Road and you’ll soon find the Nunnery.

12. Neon Signs

Not a specific location, but a recommendation to wander the streets of Hong Kong after sunset and photograph the numerous flashing neon signs! The vibrant city lights really add to the atmosphere of Hong Kong’s street.

13. Wander Downtown

Get lost in Hong Kong. Pick an area and just walk. If you’re there in summer just make sure to bring a hat or some suncream. There is no better way to see the quirks and hidden beauty of this incredible city.

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