24 Hours In Singapore

I travelled to Singapore for just a 24 hour lay over on my way from Vietnam to England in 2018. Although it was a very quick trip this sovereign island city-state is a fun place to visit. So here is a list of things you can do in Singapore, particularly if you’re pushed for time.

1. Garden’s By The Bay

One definitely not to miss on your trip to Singapore are the gardens by the bay. Futuristic is the only word that can be used to describe this tropical garden attraction. There are actually three separate gardens: Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central spread out over an area the size of 177 football pitches. The gardens have very long opening hours from 5am to 2am. And the aerial walkways are open from 9am to 9pm. You can enter the garden for free, you know we all love a little bit of free when travelling.

  • 2 Conservatories ‘The Flower Dome’ & ‘Cloud Forest’ – S$28 (US$21)
  • Floral Fantasy S$ 20 (US$ 15)
  • Supertree Observatory S$ 14 (US$ 10)
  • OCBC Skyway S$ 8 (US$ 6)

These are the prices for foreign visitors but there are discounts for locals and residents./

2. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Yeah thats a surf board on top of three buildings. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the most famous hotel in Singapore, an iconic part of the city landscape. It even boasts the worlds largest rooftop infinity pool. If you want to stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel then you better prepare your wallet for the damages.

Deluxe Room – Lower Floor S$379 (US$278) per night

Deluxe Room – Garden View S$409 (US$300 ) per night

Deluxe Room – City View S$449 (US$330 ) per night


Skyline Suite – Sky View S$1,946.55 (US$1427) per night

Merlion Suite – Harbour View S$4,274.05 (US$3135) per night

Straits Suite – Sky View S$6,174.05 (US$4529 ) per night

But if like me you are more of a cheapest hostel you can find kind of person then you’ll want to just take in the hotel from the lobby and by wandering around the waterfront area, oh and also the views from the observation deck are not to be missed.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Inside the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Observation Deck

You just have to head up to Marina Bay Sands observation deck for spectacular views of the city. Poke your head around the corner and you can see the swimming pool that sits upon the top of the building. It costs 26 Singapore Dollars (US$19) to go up to the observation deck and if you want to check out the infinity pool then I am affraid you’ll have to check into the hotel to enjoy that luxury.

View from the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Observation Deck

3. The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands

Shopping isn’t ever what I choose to do on holiday, but sometimes these shopping centres are architecturally beautiful. With over 170 luxury and regular brands you are bound to find something here that takes your fancy. There’s even a very random indoor canal with Venetian style gondola’s. Now I can’t say I have ever seen that in a shopping centre before.

4. Little India (Serangoon Road)

I actually stayed in the Serangoon Road area at The Hive Singapore Hostel, a cheap but alright place to stay for the night. This area has some colourful gems and great places to eat. It’s a good place to stay for the night and you’ll be able to pick up some yummy food too.

5. Waterfront Wandering

Waterfront wandering will always be on my travel bucket list for most places. But the area outside the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is vibrant, classy and beautiful. Make sure to visit not only in the day but also at night, when the city lights are on as the city truly sparkles.

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