Clifton Beaches

Clifton beach is not just one beach but four. This area is an affluent one, I can only imagine the prices of some of those houses that over look the ocean. I actually visited Clifton by walking from V&A Waterfront, which took over an hour. Google Maps suggests it takes 1h 12m but its actually longer than that if you use the promenade walk way and follow the road that hugs the ocean.

Turquoise water and white sand, with large boulders separating the beaches this is a great place to take in the mountain and ocean views.

I couldn’t find an easy accessible way to get down to Clifton first beach, perhaps I just missed it; but this appears to be the smallest of the beaches. There are steep stairs meandering down to Clifton Second beach where you can enjoy an idyll spot to relax and enjoy the waves. Enjoy swimming at Clifton third and fourth beach but be careful as the tides can be pretty strong! Beach facilities are minimal at the third beach but there are more facilities at Clifton fourth beach.

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