Muizenberg Beach

You just might have seen those colorful South African beach huts before, well they are located on Muizenberg Beach, and that was the sole reason for our trip to the beach.

Located about 30 minutes from the centre of Cape Town, Muizenberg is a pretty busy beach, with surfers frequenting the waves. Surf shops and cafes line the beach. The beach itself is around 200m long but is the start of a continuous sandy beach stretch of around 40km all the way along False Bay to Gordon’s Bay.

But let’s talk beach huts. These vibrant beach huts are extremely photogenic. For best photos make sure you walk behind the huts to take pictures with snippets of ocean in the background, or better still launch those drones to get the most spectacular view! The beach huts looked a little aged and rustic when I was there in July (winter), but there were painters working on revamping the huts and giving them a much needed face lift!  

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