Bo Kaap (Colourful Houses)

The colourful housed street was a bit more than just a street. Colourful houses welcomed the eyes on quite a few of the surrounding streets as well. Though residents apparently give a variety of reasons for why the houses are coloured one that seems to hold true is that these houses were previously leased to slaves, and during this time the houses had to remain white. At the point at which slaves were allowed to buy their own houses many of the residents painted their houses bright colours as an expression of freedom!

If you use 71 Wale Street as your target location, before you even reach this number you will start to see the colourful houses from the bottom of the road. Before heading up wake street however, divert onto Government Avenue. It’s a beautiful little pathed tree lined street with reverse views of St Georgies cathedral which can be accessed on Wale Street and also the Parliament republic of South Africa building. Worth a quick photo or two before heading up to the rainbow houses.

When you’re done with the colourful houses, head down Rose Street and keep your eyes peeled for a beautiful green mosque, a South African flag building and some nice street art.

Here are a few photos from Bo Kaap to wet your whistle.

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