Zambia, not just the home of Victoria Falls but many a vast array of other stunning waterfalls as well as beautiful national parks full of incredible animals such as leopards, buffalo, elephants, lions and much more. Check out the Zambia tabs above for my insight into some of the places I have visited so far in Zambia.


1.Zambia is a landlocked country. It is surrounded by Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

2. Victoria Falls is actually called Mosi-oa-Tunya, the smoke that thunders.

3. There are more than 70 spoken languages in Zambia. 7 of these are officially recognised languages:  Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga, Kaonde, Luvale, Lunda.

4. The Zambezi River is the longest river in Zambia, 2574m in length.

5. Zambia has the worlds largest man-made lake, Lake Kariba.

6. Zambia’s national dish is nshima made from maize-meal and served with meat and vegetables.  

7. Lake Tanganyika located in Northern Zambia is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. It’s also the deepest and largest of the Great Rift Valley Lakes.

8. Zambia is home to the animal kingdoms ‘big five’, the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo.

9. Zambia produces the second largest amount of copper after Democratic Republic of Congo.

10. Zambia’s predominantly green flag, has a large fish eagle as well as the three colours of black, orange and red. The green represents agriculture, the red symbolises the peoples struggle for freedom, black for the African people, and orange for copper. The fish eagle signifies freedom and the Zambian people’s ability to rise above the nation’s problems.