Milton Beach, Queen’s Beach, Sea Point Pavillion & Bantry Bay

Walking along the Atlantic Sea Board from V&A Waterfront gives you plenty of opportunities to explore Cape Town’s beaches. I am grouping the above beaches and Sea Point Pavillion swimming pool together due to the fact that I wouldn’t describe each one as being individually worth while, but as a collective with the addition of Clifton beach they made for a good morning walk.

From Milton Beach to Bantry Bay is is around a 35 minute walk, with plenty of things to see along the way. On a normal non-covid day and perhaps not in winter the pool is open from 7am to 6.45pm from Monday through to Sunday. Prices for entrance into the swimming pool are R31 for adults, R17 for children and pensioners go free. As the pool was closed I cannot confirm whether there are extra charges for foreigners. At many of the attractions in Cape Town there seems to be vastly different charges for locals, SADC residents and foreigners, so be prepared for this to be a little more than R31.

Sea Point Pavillion Swimming Pool

Views at Bantry Bay

Rainbow over the Atlantic Seaboard

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