Llandudno Beach

My favourite beach in Cape Town (of the small number I have visited)

Located just under 30 minutes from the centre of Cape Town, Llandudno beach is adorable and picturesque. Not only is the beach beautiful but the drive along the coastline to reach it is spectacular.

The turning off the main M6 road is very steep going down to the beach, so if you’re driving take it easy. Parking spaces for the beach are limited, the car park was nearly full when I was there, despite being during COVID, winter and a Monday. Despite the car park being full the small beach area was by no means crowded, only two families were playing on the beach.

It is a beautiful spot, but be warned if you put those beach towels down be sure to watch the tide coming in. I watched a beer drinking father scramble like his life depended on it in order to avoid getting wet!  I was there from 11am and as the water comes in quick, I too was 10 minutes away from having my drone return to a home point that would have been a little wet to say the least. I liked that there were toilets on the way down to the beach. Very clean, toilet paper adorned toilets at that!

If you do not want to be on a big beach but want the cuteness and gorgeous ocean views then Llandudno beach is the place for you!


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