Scarborough Beach

Depending where you’re from you will either be familiar with Scarborough, UK or Scarborough, Cape Town. Despite my family connections to the UK Scarborough this blog post is about Cape Town’s sandy beach.

Scarborough, Cape Town
Scarborough, UK [Photo cred: Lynn Comley @upanddowndale]

Scarborough beach is a charming and scenic beach located along the Atlantic coastline in Cape Town, South Africa. In the less popular months Scarborough beach isn’t very crowded, but as its located close to the Cape of Good Hope, in the popular tourist season there can be quite a few more people strolling along the white sand.

I really enjoyed Scarborough beach, I think I was a little biased due to my love of the original Scarborough. But this one had it all, a white sandy beach, the bluest of blue oceans, a rocky area and stunning views of the Misty Cliffs. Have a picnic, dip your feet in the water or have a photoshoot on the rocks a perfect way to spend some time in the sun.

Looking out towards the Misty Cliffs

Places Nearby

Cape of Good Hope – 25km

Simon’s Town – 13km

Kommetjie Beach – 10km

Chapman’s Peak Drive – 27km

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